Local cuisine

Rarotonga is home to over 100 restaurants and bars, some of the best within 5 minutes stroll of Magic Reef. A mixture of authentic local and global cuisines, there is something to please every palate. Sample succulent seafood caught by local fisherman each morning. Try Ika Mata – the local dish of marinated fish in coconut milk. Top off your night sipping on fruity cocktails at one of the island bars. Talk to the office staff about their where to book – we’re happy to make your restaurant bookings for you.

Travelling around the Island

Magic Reef has 3 fully electric late model Nissan Leaf cars available exclusively for guest use. If you prefer to feel the wind in your hair, our e-bikes are an excellent option. Get in touch with us for more information about these fun, eco-friendly options for getting around the island.

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Beach & forest walks

Rarotonga has some wonderful tracks for walking – whether you prefer the beach or the bush. You will uncover hidden gems each step, whichever path you take. The cross island walk, the Rae Maru track, or the trek to the famous “needle” – talk to us about these walks and we’ll point you in the right direction.


The Cook Island culture can be seen everywhere in Rarotonga, and the pride that the Cook Island Maori take in this culture is obvious. In their festivals, limestone churches, villages, markets and natural locations across the island. There are many opportunities for you to immerse yourself in Rarotongan culture – island night performances, handicrafts, village tours, galleries and museums, The locals are friendly and welcoming people who love to share their island life and want you to feel like anau (family) when you are a guest here.

Local markets

Join Rarotonga’s bustling social event every Saturday morning at Punanga Nui market. With a cool Nu (drinking coconut) in hand, meander the colourful exotic fruit and tropical flower stalls, or browse the craft of Tivaevae (colourful quilts), ukulele or woven straw bags for a unique souvenir. As the sun sets, be drawn to the spicy aroma of island delicacies at Muri Beach food night market. Chat with the local vendors whilst devouring fresh street food.

About Rarotonga

Rarotonga, the jewel set amongst the Cook Islands, where no building is taller than a coconut tree and the entire island becomes your resort. An eco-conscious community, with warm, welcoming locals and a naturally beautiful landscape, be drawn to the culture of the island instantaneously. Pull on your walking shoes and hat or grab your mask and snorkel and explore this paradise your way – just try to resist the allure of the island.

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